Publication on free available biomass by University of Rostock

The use of biomass is multifarious: energy carrier, feed, ecological fertilizer. However, due to existing competition in the usage, areas under cultivation cannot meet the need for biomass in this growing market. Rather, there is great potential in free available biomass. This is unused biomass from landscape management processes, which is available through vegetation care or cleaning measures like for example Seaweed. However, the legal framework for using these resources is inconsistent, although the contribution to the environment, specifically nutrient export, is undisputed. Based on several case studies and literature, the quantities, the properties of the substrates as well as the fermentability are determined in order to investigate the suitability for an appropriate usage path. As part of the 13. Rostocker Bioenergy forum, the University of Rostock produced a publication on the topic „Utilization potential of free available biomass in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania”. In the accompanying presentation at 13 June, various initiatives on the use of free available biomass sources like the project COASTAL Biogas were presented.