COASTAL Biogas featured at EBA Biogas Lab Webinar

On the 23rd of Febraury 2022, Jörgen Held gave a presentation on the COASTAL Biogas project at the 5thBiogas Lab Webinar,  organized by the European Biogas Association.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

EBA Webinar
Screenshot from the webinar.

Some of the follow up questions revolved around potential problems with sand and salt. At Solrød in Denmark, where cast seaweed is co-digsted on an industrial scale, the collection method is developed to minimise the sand content. In addition, there is a specially designed reception tank with two high-speed mixers which cut the seaweed in small pieces and the sand is collected in the bottom of the tank.  Saltwater on the surface of the cast seaweed is not really an issue in the Solrød Biogas plant due to two reasons; firstly the Baltic Sea is a brakish water system with low salinity and secondly, the seaweed is co-digested with other substrates.