Main take-aways – 4th COASTAL Biogas conference

The 4th COASTAL Biogas conference took place on the 9th of December as an online event.

The presentations are online on the conference webpage. Just click on the title of the presentation you want to view.

Conference summary
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Main take-aways
It is evident that there is a strong interest to use marine biomass as a resource and obtain different socio-economic benefits. However, the regulations and directives are not always adopted to such initiatives since they were introduced to solve other types of problems. Even if the regulations and directives do not pose a barrier for utilising marine biomass as a resource, stakeholders normally optimise their own businesses from an economic perspective rather than from an environmental perspective. There are a lot of socio-economic benefits related to the anaerobic digestion of cast seaweed and the utilisation of the digestate as an organic fertiliser, as part of the circular economy. However, if the biogas operator is not economically compensated for the reduced eutrophication, the elimination of greenhouse gas emissions from decaying seaweed, the improved water and soil quality, and compliance with different directives etc., the operator might look for other substrates that generate a higher methane yield. Therefore, it is important to take a holistic approach and convince stakeholders of the socio-economic benefits to avoid disadvantages for the environment.