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COASTAL Biogas featured at the Greater BIO digital seminar

Jörgen Held, Baltic Energy Innovation Centre, was invited to present the COASTAL Biogas project at the Greater BIO digital seminar on the 17th of September 2020 in Malmö, Sweden. Sonia Denkiewicz from Skåne Energy Agency opened the seminar, where –next to the COASTAL Biogas project presentation – the CONTRA project was introduced by Jens Almqvist, KRINOVA. Furthermore, Tyge Kjaer from Roskilde University presented the Solrød Biogas plant.

The recorded presentation of the COASTAL Biogas presentation can be found here.

Additionally, a short summary of the event (in Swedish) is published here.

COASTAL Biogas at the event “Küstenforum Klimaschutz und -anpassung mit Treibsel”, 21 October 2019, Travemünde, Germany

On 21 October 2019 COASTAL Biogas German project partners participated in the event “Küstenforum Klimaschutz und -anpassung mit Treibsel” (coastal forum about climate protection and adaption with beach wrack) in Travemünde, Germany. The event was hosted by the two projects POSIMA and CONTRA. It was a great opportunity to meet and connect with representatives from companies, research institutes, SMEs and administrative bodies, which all have a joint interest in beach wrack and cast seaweed and their utilisation opportunities. Beach wrack can be utilised in various ways, for example as substrate for composting or biogas facilities, for coastal protection, as bio based resource for building insulation or even for bio-char production. However, there are still a number of open questions, which were discussed: The legislative framework for seaweed collection and handling at some points is unclear and the utilisation of fresh or digested seaweed as fertiliser on agricultural land is highly regulated by the fertiliser ordinance. Furthermore, the application process for exemption is complicated and time-consuming. This makes it difficult for coastal municipalities to choose an appropriate utilisation possibility. Nevertheless, there are positive examples, where coastal municipalities team up with local farmers and consistently work through the whole process.

COASTAL Biogas featured in the SUBMARINER Newsletter

COASTAL Biogas and the collaboration with GRASS and CONTRA is featured in the SUBMARINER Newsletter.

The three projects revolve around efficient utilisation of seaweed, cast or cultivated as means to mitigate eutrophication and boost regional development among other socio-economic benefits.

As a first step, the representatives of CONTRA and GRASS are invited as speakers to the COASTAL Biogas conference series.